09 January, 2024

Drawings by Dwayne Jahn and art videos by Dwayne and Ebba Jahn exhibited in Duisburg, Germany a part of 45. Duisburger Akzente from vernissage date March 2nd, 2024 until April 7th, 2024


Ebba and Dwayne Jahn | No Invasion
In the exhibition, the Jahn family will be showing, among other things, their joint short films - with texts and original drawings by son Dwayne; video production by mother Ebba Jahn.
Dwayne: "I wanted to make a series of abstract pencil drawings in 16:9 video format and wanted to focus on concepts that were important to me and that I could immerse myself in. Ultimately, I was trying to process and overcome strokes of fate. The pencil drawings were video-labelled with my poem and accompanied by the double bass quintet SEQUOIA thanks to Klaus Kürvers. The result was art video poem NO INVASION (premiered at the oldest video poetry festival Videobardo in the National Library of Buenos Aires, Argentina).
After some time I was done with the grey pencil and ready to change my medium, again abstract, this time with coloured pencils. Then I tried digital art with AI...."
You can also see original drawings by Dwayne and other original videos by both.

30 April, 2023

PHASES - Art music video

We have created an art music video based on a proposed track by a film festival titled "Malaspina" by Raffaele Casarano, featuring Dhafer Youssef - oud, lyrics and voice. The visuals consist mainly of drawings by Dwayne Jahn, his 3rd art video. Tunesian jazz musician Dhafer Youssef's voice with Dwayne's recent Phases-Drawings are merging: "As a harmonious unison of heartfelt music, colorful drawings and serene film, PHASES touches upon themes of what we go through in life around the world when we introspect and let go. This video can be considered an abstracted representation of personal balance and the ongoing search for improvement". - Dwayne Jahn.

28 April, 2022

Video poem "Lightwaves Soundwaves" by Dwayne Jahn a part of the 2022 Cadence Video Poetry Festival

Winner of the festival's award for best collaborative film.

The juror's statement about "Lightwaves Soundwaves":

It’s my interest in abstract conceptions and the mediums chosen to collaborate for this film that struck me, they have ambivalent qualities. The mediums are not out of reach, not too professional, or inaccessible, they are contemporary. A juxtaposition of painter, poet, and sound artistry creates an elemental, triptych trifecta.
The foreground features words, trance-like, playing to the ordinance of our mind’s eye.
The background is liminal, shape shifting, loud in color covered by foreboding moisture. Rain drops melt the colors, bonding with the water-based paint only to, slowly, erase the lines and form new shapes. At times, the illusion is that there is the possibility of a barrier, between the rain, the paintings and the words.
There is more going on in this film than it presents at first viewing. “Transcending cause and effect”. The words distract like a disillusionment to the painting: words in the foreground, painting in the background and sometimes the other way around. The sonic ripples harmonizing with the hypnotic ripples faintly overlaying the loud colors collaborating with the words; close ups of what could be influenced or had reminded me of a visit with Kandinsky. The psychedelic future is in this film, pushing sensorial limits, a cinematic synesthesia with its purpose seemingly not to eliminate the sense of senses but combine them into a dreamlike harmony.

"Lightwaves Soundwaves" by Dwayne Jahn a part of Indian International Short Film Festival Awards

Nominated for best foreign experimental short film, receiving jury mention.

04 April, 2021

Video poem

Primordial Enchantments by Dwayne Jahn

Phantasmagoric dissolution
of contribution to self-pollution.
Aquatic paths shift to match
all that adds to our plane
beyond insane dream human.
As we move as one
this is the shaman's call.

Like the tree turned upside down
with its roots up as the crown
where the sun's starlight did sway
the moonlit night and brought the day,
reflections of my sensory mind
make all too rigid worlds unwind.

Unmistakable pharaoh
in the form of a jewel
uplift me, make me feel reason
and my grief overrule.

Afflictions losing their ways,
unmade in between waves,
we the rarest kind
within medicinal music.

Wisdom orb, vortex of gold,
a gateless gate we do behold.
Lakes of rainbow fire bright,
fulfillments reaching brand new heights.
Spirits ringing bells of light,
summoning the deathless rites.

Existence's zenith,
guide my displays of the mind.
Phenomenology true
that can unbind and bind.
Nowness. Hereness.
There are superb alignments to find.
I'm composed of states signless.
Let my life be by me redefined.

14 March, 2021

Poem, video, music

Celestial Particular by Dwayne Jahn

Seven foci, nexus
and undefilable spacetime
thoroughly transcending
realms of continuum.
Paradisian manifestation.
Good, great, glorious
ultimacy and
the state of inner infernos
not without
wisdoms and blisses
according to supreme willpower.
The axe of shadows was my weapon
against unnatural and illogical evil
in the world of tell.
Serve me please super-real abyss.
Alchemystical suchness.
Pure love and philosophy the art of thinking.
May the creative spirit be glorified.
Mystical, miraculous, magical formlessness.
Freedom, fun, peace, harmony,
wonders and blissful happiness.
Each of us is nameless and
beyond word choice,
experiencing according to
infinite infinities of factors.
I can be
the conqueror of the great illusion -
intuitive, intelligent, instinctive,
grateful, gracious, graceful,
happy, happening,
benefited by myriad personifications.
Unborn in liberation.
Pristine timelessness,
progressive understanding.
Immeasurable nature.
Endless realization.

05 February, 2017

Splendid Sparks | 21 x 29.7 cm

Splendid Sparks
Gel pen on paperboard
21 cm x 29.7 cm
Dwayne Jahn