Benefits through a black & white drawing by Dwayne Jahn

Einsicht / Insight
Liquid longliner on photo-paper, DIN A 6
© Dwayne Jahn

Dwayne answered a call by Juan Petry for a black and white original drawing in postcard size for the benefit of a children centre in Spain. And here is what this small drawing will be experiencing:

 -  A digital copy will be used during a performance at the village Insuln, Germany, on 11. November 2014, where Sankt Martin will be crossing the river Ahr.

© Artwork by Juan Petry

- All original artworks will be exhibited and offered for sale at a gallery in FIGUERAS, Catalunya, Spain. The proceeds will go to the children centre Diez Centimos.

- The drawing will also be part of the opening of a new point of sales in Spain for the European art project Artsurprise.

- Here you find all details of the event which closed Nov. 9th.: 

 - A high quality print by Dwayne's is available - signed + numbered, up to 30 x 21 cm on the originally used drawing paper,  please mail to info@EbbaJahn.com.

Update 27.11.
Pequeñas obras - originales especialmente diseñadas para Diez Céntimos - con amor, pasión y alegría para dar un apoyo, un donativo, un senyal internacional de amistad y solidaridad. Nos encanta como se desarrolla nuestro viaje de las luces. Hace 3 mesos había solamente una idea ya ahora hay un proyecto internacional que recibe más y más atención y participación. Damos las gracias a
Carla Streichhahn, Moo Monika Mori, Schie Rin, Claudia Maschek, Michelle Sleigh, Nicole Weiseundart, Rosa Aussicht, Sonia Eva Domenech, Bianka Maria Rosenau, Dwayne Jahn, Trafic d'Art, Bernard Bieling, Denise Busch, Dia Michnay Wenzl, Hasan Hüseyin Deveci, Rodi Khalil, Martina Unterharnscheidt, Ottilia-Bogdan Cormos & Juan Petry.