Dwayne Works at Artsurprise Extraschicht / Zeche Zollverein

Block artworks on display...

ARTsurprise Joint Venture No. 2 

It's a double-up with artists from Latin America:  20 works by Pablo were answered with some older and some new ones by Dwayne. Because Dwayne's originals come in different sizes and media like drawings, digital art and painting, they were unified in self - made photo prints.

1.) This special edition with 2 artworks on mdf blocks in the same box 8x5 cm premiered at the Artsurprise Extraschicht event.

2.) In addition 1 prototype of several series for ARTsurprise, also Dwayne's, are displayed in a glass vitrine.

3.) The BITS OF HAVENS series (see below) has the series code no. 19120 and was available at the event and in cigarette machines:

 ARTsurprise Extraschicht at Zeche Zollverein